Voice & Data Cabling

Dicar Networks is the premier provider of voice and data (low voltage) cabling in Silicon Valley. 

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Are you:

  • Moving offices?  
  • Expanding your existing office?
  • Rearranging your office or adding new staff?
  • In need of a new upgraded cable infrastructure to take advantage of modern technologies?

All of these situations require the expertise of an experienced and licensed low voltage cable contractor like Dicar Networks.  Also, for larger projects with special requirements or that need design services for the work areas, cable routes, or Telecommunications Room / Data Center, we have a BICSI® Certified RCDD (Registered Communications Distribution Designer) on staff.  We’ll spend time understanding your business’ needs to help determine the type of cable and number of locations needed to support your business now and in the future.

Professional Installation Team

Whether or not you need help with the design and layout of your cable infrastructureyou need a professional installation team that is licensed, insured, and conforms to local codes.  Dicar Networks goes beyond these basic requirements and employs a  BICSI® Certified Installer and RTPM (Registered Telecommunications Project Manager), so you know your job is done right.  Every cable is tested and labeled properly, and we stand behind our work.

Easy Management

You shouldn’t have to climb under desks or move furniture to read a label on a faceplate. Your cable infrastructure should be easy to manage, and that starts with a digital and printed layout of your office with cable locations clearly marked. A digital copy makes moves, adds and changes easy to keep track of, while a printed copy makes management quick and easy so your business keeps moving.

If you need voice and data cabling for your office, give us a call.
When we’re done, you’re connected…GUARANTEED!

*We also install audio video systems for conference rooms. Replace that old projector with a flat screen TV mounted on the wall and allow easy access for employees and guests to display content through an assortment of devices including laptops and tablets.