Dicar Networks Certified As A ‘Friendly Wi-Fi Approved Provider’


Dicar Networks is proud to support the work of ‘Friendly WiFi’, the world’s first seal of approval designed to verify whether a business’ public Wi-Fi service meets a minimum level of filtering to block out access to pornographic and illegal child abuse websites.

About Friendly WiFi

‘Friendly WiFi’ aims to help parents, children and young people make informed choices about using public WiFi and protects them from viewing inappropriate material. Friendly WiFi was initiated by Government and Industry and verifies whether the public WiFi provided at a venue meets an industry standard for filtering, blocking access to sites containing inappropriate content. We are now encouraging all of our clients to join ‘Friendly WiFi’ and be accredited as a ‘Friendly WiFi’ venue. Current members include Boeing, Franklin County Schools, Starbucks and IKEA, plus many other businesses who offer public WiFi.

How can I join ‘Friendly WiFi’?

Dicar Networks is a ‘Friendly WiFi’ ‘Approved Provider’ this means we are able to provide our clients with products and services which meet the required safety specification, making joining Friendly WiFi possible for Dicar Networks customers.

As Dicar Networks customers you can apply to join and pay an annual licence fee to have your service verified, to ensure that access to pornographic material is filtered and child abuse webpages (illegal content) known to the Internet Watch Foundation are blocked.

Once verified and approved, venues can then display the ‘Friendly WiFi’ symbol to make it clear to their Customers that their Wi-Fi is ‘Friendly’. This also includes the venues being added to the Friendly WiFi search locator at www.friendlywifi.com. The ‘Friendly WiFi’ symbol has been designed to help children, young people and adults navigate their way through the high street and gives them the option to choose and use a ‘Friendly WiFi’ venue, to ensure that the public Wi-Fi that they are accessing is filtered and independently accredited.

To check if the current service we provide to you meets the criteria to join Friendly WiFi please contact us at 408-850-6400 or email sales@dicarnetworks.com and we will be happy to advise and support.

More information about ‘Friendly WiFi’ and how to join can be found at www.friendlywifi.com, or by emailing fw@rdi-online.co.uk

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